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SMS & MMS Diary 0.99 cr

Категория: Symbian / SIS-Приложения  |  Автор: pixar     Вернуться назад

SMS & MMS Diary 0.99 cr

Версия программы 0.99, полностью излеченная...
отличие от предидущих версий - наличие двух тем (черной и белой)

Revision 0.99
- Added the following languages: Spanish, French, Macedonian, Italian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, German, Swedish and Indonesian. Please note that some of the translation has been made with the Google translation tool and hence the translation may be incorrect at several places. If you find a text that is not properly translated, please let us know. Also if you want to help us to translate the application to your language, then we would very much appreciate your help.
- Added "New SMS" to the menu. When you select this menu option, then you will be taken to the "New SMS" view in the phone.
- The menu is drawn with a blue color.
- The highlight in the menu has now rounded corners.

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